Landscape Maintenance



Now that you have the beautiful landscape, keeping it in shape can be a chore.  We offer yearly maintenance programs and we also take calls as your landscape needs sprucing up.  These programs are fit to your own personal needs, so our sales representative would be more than happy to make an appointment with you to discuss your needs.  We offer this to both residential and commercial properties



"Phyllis and I want to tell you what a tremendous job Green Lawn has done with our yards and getting up the leaves this year. We were home when they came to do our yard and watched them because we have the little low lights in the front and back  and the other lawn services usually blew the tops off of the lights and we had to replace them. These men were so careful and there were no problems whatsoever.

Whenever we have called Craig with any concern he has taken care of it right away and he returns calls very quickly. We have found him to be a man of his word and very pleasant to deal with. He spoke to our Garden club this fall at my home and all the ladies were all very complimentary about Green Lawn's Services.

We do hope that when the board is contempating receiving bids next year you will take our recommendation seriously as it is that of many neighbors."

George and Phyllis C. -- Overland Park, KS 


Landscape Maintenance

Mulching- This is an all important aspect of bed maintenance for several reasons. The mulch helps prevent weed growth by preventing light to soil contact and also by preventing the weeds from having a firm surface to build a root system in. Mulch is also effective at retaining nutrients and water in the soil as well as providing a very attractive ground covering. We use a premium died brown mulch standard with all mulch jobs. This is rich, dark brown mulch that holds its color throughout most of the season. Other colors and varieties are available upon request.

Bed Weeding- Routine bed weeding is a necessity to keeping beds weed free. We offer several different bed weeding programs so that you can choose the one that’s right for you. All debris generated from bed weeding will be hauled away.

Shrub Trimming- Pruning and Trimming shrubs to achieve a manicured appearance in your landscape. We can schedule to trim 1-3 times per season or you can call as needed. All debris generated from bed weeding will be hauled away. All debris generated from shrub trimming will be hauled away.

Flower Planting- Annuals/Mums/Pansies and Bulbs-We offer planting programs from one to three times per season. We also offer flower maintenance programs to keep them fertilized and weeded throughout the growing season.

Leaf Clean-up- Lawn and/or planting beds.

Decorative Rock-Add to existing or new landscapes. This service is done in conjunction with commercial grade weed mat installation. Large varieties of rock colors and styles to choose from.

Bed Edging Installation- Steel edging, black edging, rock edging and more.

Dirt Work- Fill in low spots, reshape landscaping, create burms, grading etc.

Sodding-Small projects or entire yards. Bluegrass or Fescue Available.