Water Features and Ponds




Everyone should have a water feature in their landscape! The soothing sound of water will relax all of your worries away. We specialize in all types of water features. Bubblers in confined areas, Water Falls, Ponds, Pondless Water Falls and more! Let our team show you how we can add the beauty of water to your landscape today!

FRED H. -- Kansas City, MO
Description Of Work: 
“Earlier work from Green Lawn included an irrigation system. The irrigation system was complicated because the lot is large and extremely rocky but they did a good job. In December they installed a stream making use of a dry stream bed that already existed. This required jack hammering a large hole in solid rock in which to collect the water, piping, filters, accent rocks etc all to make the stream look as natural as possible. It was a good site because this is where water normally flows when there is a storm but the sound and effect turned out particularly well once the job was complete. “Comments: “It took only about a week for the work as they have the experience including experienced workers.  I could clearly explain what I wanted and they provided the work to the T including some ideas I had not imagined. “



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